Prairie Fresh Food Corporation

The Corporation

The Prairie Fresh Food Corporation incorporated on April 16, 2013 with an original 16 Saskatchewan vegetable & fruit producers who became shareholders. PFFC moved forward with its first planting and harvest in 2013 - growing a small crop of carrots and radishes. Over the years the Prairie Fresh Food Corporation has grown to be one of the largest fresh vegetable & fruit growers Food Corporations in Western Canada. Today, January 2020 the Corporation has grown to 24 shareholder producers supplying over 35 fresh vegetable & fruit products across the Western Canadian Prairies.

The Prairie Fresh Food Corporation has also developed a full line of Trade Marked Brands that consumers will enjoy. The Brands are "Home Grown Saskatchewan", "Home Grown Alberta", "Home Grown Manitoba" and finally "Canadian Prairie Grown".

The PFFC also has partnered with Federated Cooperatives in providing a full line of value added ingredients within the private label programs.

As part of the Prairie Fresh Food Corporation Growth Strategy, the PFFC has now moved into the Value Add sector partnering with Co–Packers across the Western Canadian Prairies processing value added food products for the Canadian Consumer.