Prairie Fresh Food Corporation

The Story

Local vegetable producers collaborated to find ways to provide seasonal fresh produce to the Western Canadian grocery retail industry. The Prairie Fresh Food Corporation formed in the spring of 2013 and serves as a liaison between the producers and the retailer.

PFFC is led by an active and engaged board of directors who are vegetable growers in Western Canada.

Crop protection
PFFC is a strong advocate for the responsible and safe use of crop protection products. The Crop Protection committee’s main focus is ensuring farmers have access to crop protection products, technology and tools that support sustainable and safe food production. Key issues include farmer access to products and harmonization of label requirements between Canada and the United States.

PFFC works hard to ensure fruit and vegetable farmers have access to a qualified, reliable work force, and to address occupational health and safety concerns within the edible horticulture industry.

Energy, Property & Infrastructure
PFFC works on a wide range of issues affecting fruit and vegetable farmers, from mitigating energy cost impacts so that the sector can be competitive to promoting infrastructure, tax & land use policy that support sector growth.

Environment & Conservation
PFFC works to ensure government environmental programs and policies are realistic, practical, fact based & balanced.

PFFC works to maintain close ties with its member organizations, industry stakeholders and partners, government liaisons and national bodies.

PFFC also participates in trade shows and industry events, sponsors horticultural events and is active in the promotion of the industry in a variety of ways.